“When you except and embrace your perfections and imperfections, other peoples opinions of you do not become your opinion of you.” Jille Tringham

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Manage your mind to master your life

Whilst many people turn to conventional medicine to alleviate their mental or physical ailments and challenges; Jille Tringham's ethos is to find and eliminate the root cause, which 9 times out of 10 begins with a belief, thought or experience that manifests as mental illness or physical illness.

When we manage the things that cause habits, stress, compulsions we can reverse the symptoms too. Jille Tringham's aim for clients is to help them find long term resolutions – enabling them to be free from therapy or conventional treatments and able to live a happy and fulfilled life – whatever their circumstances. We all have the power to change – Jille Tringham is the person that enables you to have the belief to try and the expectation to succeed.