Axe Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety tends to turn up at the most inconvenient times and ruin everything, just like bad weather. Here are some major triggers of anxiety.

Parties – People can often feel nervous around others. Just being in a busy room can fill people with anxiety and completely ruin their evenings.

Exams – Whether academic or professional, examinations can send people into an anxious spiral, which prevents them from doing themselves justice despite all of their hard work and preparation before the exam.

Arguments – Conflict with friends and loved ones often has long-term, damaging effects on people’s health and wellbeing. The process of having an argument can often plunge people into a miserable abyss of angst and depression. It can also drain their energy and prevent them from doing anything productive that day.

Money worries – Bills dominate our lives. Sometimes just receiving an invoice through the post can send someone into an anxious panic. This can lead to them not opening these letters or emails, and then receiving ‘overdue’ communications which stress them out even more.

Seeing the doctor – Sometimes, if someone has symptoms of a particular illness, they may become anxious about seeing the doctor, in case they receive the diagnosis they fear and consequently not receive the treatment they so urgently need.
In all of these instances, anxiety makes your life worse, creating problems that can quickly escalate into crises. For help blasting anxiety and its triggers out of your life, invest in yourself. Find out more – email and we’ll have a chat.