How To Identify Destructive Coping Habits

Everybody experiences tough times. Here are some coping habits that people think will free them from the pain they’re suffering, but are actually destructive.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption: Make sure that if and when you drink, you’re drinking for happy reasons with your friends or family. People so often drink on their own when they’re feeling down to make themselves feel better. This will only make you feel worse, potentially damaging your health and relationships along the way.

Drug Abuse – Snorting cocaine or shooting heroin can take you to a place where you feel as though you’re free from the issues affecting your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, this feeling is a completely false perception. Consumption of these drugs poses serious long-term health risks, adds nothing to your overall happiness and leaves you with another huge problem: Addiction.

Sex – Having sex with multiple partners can give you huge feelings of power. Unfortunately, it does not often come with love and can destroy the relationships you already have.

These habits won’t make your problems go away. They’ll still be there, awkwardly staring at you the next morning. For some help on how to make any issues you’re facing go away for good, visit our YouTube channel  to access some great resources. Alternatively, please email and we’ll have a chat.