The Biggest Life Hack to Freedom is….Discipline!

Forget motivation – there is no such thing! Discipline on the other hand is that thing we already accept is going to be hard and uncomfortable, yet it’s the thing that is the key to self-mastery. Discipline for mental freedom is the undiscovered secret that everyone should know!

It’s the one thing that regardless of how we feel means we act on and complete the things in life that need to happen, should happen, and will positively affect the future state of our life.

Discipline for mental freedom

And here’s why it blows the “so what” factor out of the water.  Research shows that people with a well-developed ability to remain disciplined in their own life have marked increase compared to undisciplined people of avoiding major mental health issues and experience higher levels of all round physical and mental wellness.

Discipline extends to managing food, exercise, forward planning, making well considered decisions, reduces obsessive behaviours, and therefore enables a person to have much more ability to deal with life’s curve balls.

Starting the habit of discipline is an uphill struggle, one that is much easier if an external force is calling the shots, such as a boss, a crying baby, or a coach, but once the habit is established the benefits of consistency come rolling in. For example:

·      Disciplined people accumulate skills at a faster rate

·      They have much more free time

·      Guilt and shame emotions become a thing of the past

·      An overall momentum to get things done efficiently continuously builds

·      There is a much higher level of good mood

·      Self-confidence and self-worth that feels deserved

·      There is an increase in focus and more energy to get things done

·      Disciplined people tend to be much more tolerant and patient and most of all have high levels of self-control

Start now to create the habit of discipline for mental freedom:

1.        Have clear goals for your day. Use discipline to get the easy normal life chores done (the ones we always put off) that day.

2.        Promise yourself, your day is not finished until you have completed the things you promised yourself to complete.

3.        When this becomes automatic, introduce something new that requires discipline.

Never forget, on the other side of discipline is freedom!

If you need some inspiration, listen to the master of discipline David Goggins

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About The Author

An experienced therapist, Jille Tringham is the owner of Meditate Place and has years of personal and industry expertise. Her unique therapeutic approach can offer long term release and the ability to cope with emotional issues that cause daily setbacks and uncertainty in your life.  Jille Tringham has a number of years experience in human behaviour both in a commercial setting and as a therapist. She provides therapies from her Birmingham base to release you from your day to day challenges, as well as Life Coaching and Career Mentoring because she understands the physical and emotional strains that spill into all areas of life.