Men’s Mental Health – The Silent Issue

Check in on those around you not just on World Mental Health Day

It’s March 2024 and mental health but also men’s mental health in particular is very much on my mind. My dear friend lost his friend (Tom) to suicide a few days ago. Not more than a couple of days before, my friend and his girlfriend met Tom for a weekend lunch and drinks in one of their favourite pubs.

Tom was in good spirits, laughed, talked about everything and nothing, sprinkled with some real challenges going on in his life – a recent divorce, the settlement, the children. My friend and Tom had been friends for at least 30 years, Tom always turned up in other people’s hour of need and always had the right thing to say or could say nothing when that was the right thing to do. He was very much aware of friend’s circumstances and men’s mental health in particular when it came to his mates.

Tom had taken the roller coaster of life just like everyone in his 50’s and always bounced back. So, what happened? Why was this time different?

My friend had no idea, not even a hint that something was wrong, no more than usual. Because if he did, there is no way he would have left Tom to be on his own. This is not an unusual story.

Statistically, in the UK, the group with the highest suicide rate is men between the age of 40 – 50 years and they are usually going through or have gone through a divorce. Someone planning to commit suicide will put on the most convincing act that everything is more than fine, they don’t want anyone to suspect anything because they don’t want anyone to stop them taking their life. This isn’t unique to men’s mental health but it is a familiar story.

The World Mental Health Day video of two fans attending all the home games at Norwich City Football Club is a perfect illustration of people who have struggles and never reach out for help. The use of football in this instance is aimed at men’s mental health situations but of course anyone and everyone can be affected whether they are football fans or not but using something that men can relate to is a great way of highlighting such an important issue

Watch, learn and look out for your friends.

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About The Author

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