Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand how people are feeling and use this understanding to enhance the quality of your interactions with them.

In practical terms, emotional intelligence might be needed in situations like this:

Imagine that two of your colleagues are having a huge row. Each of them probably reacts to the other by shouting louder than them and considering throwing something at them. Someone with emotional intelligence would step in as a mediator, and would then try to work out why each of them is upset with the other, before helping the two to find a compromise that ends the row and allows them (as well as everyone else in your office) to move forward.

There are two aspects to this mediator’s understanding. The first is working out what happened to make each of your colleagues so upset. The second is working out how each of their personalities registered and responded to what happened. This second aspect allows the emotionally intelligent mediator to talk to each of your colleagues in ways that will get through to them and that they’ll appreciate so that the issue is ultimately resolved.

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