Introducing Release Therapy

Release Therapy is a bespoke hybrid designed to work with people who have tried most everything else, but remains in a state of complete paralysis. Working with the causes of your mental and physical symptoms until your mind is creating a different reality for your life.

This therapy is one where you have to face the fear – terror for some – and learn that there is bliss on the other side.

After watching this video you have more questions – you are very welcome to contact me.

About The Author

An experienced therapist Jille Tringham is the owner of Meditate Place and has years of personal and industry expertise. Her unique therapeutic approach can offer long term release and the ability to cope with emotional issues that cause daily setbacks and uncertainty in your life.  Jille Tringham has a number of years experience in human behaviour both in a commercial setting and as a therapist. She provides therapies from her Birmingham base to release you from your day to day challenges, as well as Life Coaching and Career Mentoring because she understands the physical and emotional strains that spill into all areas of life.