Emotional Eating and Weight Management, I’ll start at the end –

How can you deal with emotional eating or general weight management? Is there a method to control your food cravings? When should you start to think about weight management?

If you are ready to transform your life there is no right time to do this — it’s just down to one question – are you going to wait another year or two to do something you could do today, bearing in mind there is never a time when you feel ready!

Rather than spend the next year waiting, spend it enjoying the benefits right?

I’m talking about negative body image, emotional eating, over eating, weight management or size issues and most of all – the things you’re most unhappy with being the one thing you think about every day and night, yet nothing prevents you from continuing on the downward spiral you’re on and it seems to be accelerating.

No matter what you do – and you have tried everything in every magazine, the latest celeb miracle diet and that thing the stick insect on TV did – yet body image issues, your relationship with food – all symptoms by the way! – still nothing changes. 

Of course, it’s not just the women among us that are affected – you boys are too!

Emotional Eating would probably be classed as an epidemic if it were studied with any real serious commitment, because it’s probably one of the cheapest and most accessible ways to abuse and punish yourself, be it eating disorders, a coping method or a way to hide or control your life.

In the end, no matter what the deep-rooted triggers were that started the habit, your emotional hunger will become a physical powerlessness over the ability to control food.

Harsh words? I prefer to say its honesty.

I’m here to tell you with conviction – there is ALWAYS another way to deal with your problems. No one has to accommodate the emotional pain, upset, triggers and crutches that have developed. However, the thought of facing them seems harder than the issues you have come to live with, right?

Wrong – it’s the path to freedom, inner confidence, self-acceptance and contentment.

Are you willing to continue to accept your lot? 

Are you willing to continue to say to yourself ‘If I could just like myself, I could get the dream job, man, life…etc?

Consider this, what can be done, can be undone. A belief can be changed. An experience can remain in the past.

Are you ready to transform, put in the work and make a life change to deal with your weight management?

Over 65% of people that combine diet changes with therapy to change the way they think about themselves are 100% successful in making life-long weight loss changes.

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